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Want to know how we can help you selling your flat?

If you’ve decided to read this, we’ll assume you’re interested in sellng your property. Fast and at the best price, right?

In a post on this site, we explained the most common mistakes when selling a property.
If you haven’t read it, we recommend you to do so before continuing reading here.
Did you read that? Well, now we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

When someone decides to call or go to a Real Estate agency to take their property for sale or to let , he does so by thinking of several factors:
The opinion he has of a certain agency or why he has been recommended it, the proximity to the property, etc.
But are you really willing to put your property in the hands of people who will not treat you or your property as it deserves? Really? Right, it’s up to you…

Selling a property is much more than hanging a sign on the balcony or putting it on the web. To do this, you do not need an agency, probably your brother-in-law knows much more than you, and you’d better follow his advise. And buy some lottery tickets… You’re going to need it…

If you really want to sell your property, you have to do it in the best way. Just like you did when you bought it. With all the guarantees. Or did you buy it from a friend of your brother-in-law and it was a bargain?

Logically, first of all you have to establish a price. Who will do so? You or the professional? If you are very clear about the price you want to ask for, and you say you are in no hurry, don’t keep reading. We can’t help you… Get some advice from your brother-in-law. .

But if on the contrary, you want to sell your flat or house at a market price and at the right time, Welcome !
To start with, while having a coffee, we will get to know each other. We want to know what your needs are and how we will solve them.Take it easy.

Once we are all clear, we will visit your property. Before we put a price on it, we need to look at it and determine the pros and cons. We will analyze at what prices the market moves in your neighborhood and what competition you’ll have when your property reaches the market. With the most advanced computerized tools, we will find the right selling price for your property and from there, we will determine which marketing plan we will use, for what purposes, who we will focus on and you will know the deadlines for each phase.

Once we have all the necessary documentation, we will start with the advertising actions. Make your property beautiful because we will come to take some photos and if necessary, even a video or a virtual tour. If you don’t have a property plan, don’t worry, we will do one for you. We will explain you where and how we will publish it, and with whom we will share your property. Yes, you read that right SHARE! You are interested in us to share it with other agencies. Currently, in the network to which we belong, we are 60 agencies from all over the region and we put at your disposal more than 100 Agents. Herein lies the success of our collaboration with you. Networking. And don’t worry, we take care of everything. We will be your Agents and we take care of negotiating for you with the other Real Estate Agents. Keep calm, nobody will wind you up!

Shall we meet?

The first time is special...
We must meet. We want to know more about you. What are your needs and how will we approach them.

Let's see your property

To know what we are talking about, we have to see it. We have to get an idea of the product and how to approach the exit to the market.

Let's start work.

We will analyze the sector's prices, the current demand-supply ratio and that of your particular flat. We will find the exact price of your property.

Get ready....

Preparem tota la documentació, el material publicitari, enviem el fotògraf, fem uns planells de l'habitatge, si cal fins i tot un video i un tour virtual. Veuràs el pressupost que invertirem nosaltres en casa teva.

Steady, ready, go!

Now comes the best. We will share your property with the best agencies in the region. You will have more than 60 agencies and 100 commercial agents working on your home. But a single interlocutor: Us. We will be your agents.


If everything goes well and the correct procedure has been followed (which it will be...) we will find an ideal buyer in a very short period of time. Get ready because we'll have to sign soon...

The D-Day

The day has come. We are going to sign at the Notary. We will have verified that all the documentation is in order, and we will complete the sale as planned. Perfect!

And you don’t have to suffer for the Habitability Certificate or for the Energetic Certificate either. We’ll see to it.

You just worry about your things, that we will already do our job!

So, if you want us to explain you what we will do to sell your apartment, with real documentation and data, come and see us and we will have a coffee. And bring your brother-in-law also, maybe he’s interested in hearing what we’ll explain to you.

Has your agent made you a plan of your apartment?

We do....

Call us and we will explain you how we can help you selling your flat at the best price. You’ll like what you’ll hear from us…


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vols rebre els nostres nous pisos abans que ningú?

Deixa'ns el teu número de telèfon i t'enviarem per whatsapp els nous pisos en el moment que els publiquem!

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