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How you have to present your home

A few tips to improve the presentation of your home.

When you decide to put your property up for sale or rent, there is one very important factor you need to know when advertising it. Do you know how to present your home? As you’ll already know, because we’ve had told you in our office, that we’ll send a professional photographer to take the best photos and have your property presented properly. But you also have to do your part…

Let’s start by the living room.
As it is the main piece of any home, it should give a feeling of comfort and spaciousness. In order to give this feeling of space that we all love so much, it may be necessary to remove some furniture, a large armchair or even a rug and thus be able to give an orderly, clear and comfortable appearance.
Like any other space in your home where we are going to take pictures of, everything must be tidy, clean and without superfluous objects in sight (remote controls, keys, mobile phones, etc.).

Neither personal photographs nor anything that could denote an ideology or belief, which could have the opposite effect on the buyer, should be exposed. Everything should be neutral. If possible, the decoration should be limited to some fresh flowers, decorative candles and some pillows on the sofa. And at most, some decoration or kitchen magazine for example, strategically placed on the living room table.

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The kitchen:
We all like to see these lovely kitchens appearing in design magazines. And it’s not always possible, either because of the size of the kitchen itself, the age, or because it’s too narrow, to name just a few examples. First of all, the kitchen should give a clean image. Per a això, the counter must be tidy, free of any unnecessary objects and without traces of having recently used it.

We can strategically put some new appliances of modern design or to match the furniture, a vase with flowers that contrast with the colors of the kitchen, a bowl with fresh fruit, etc. Especially cloths, soaps, sponges, etc. must be removed from visitor’s view. We have to give the image of extreme cleanliness and order.

The bathrooms:
In this room we must take extreme care: it is essential to remove any personal items, toothbrushes, hair brushes, soaps and creams. The mirror and the partition must be impeccable. A good idea is to decorate the bathrooms with well-folded towels, of the same color, or that contrast or match the room. It is not a bad idea to place a photo frame with good colors somewhere in the bathroom to give a good contrast of colors.

The bedrooms:
In the bedrooms we must follow the same criteria as with the living room: to depersonalize the environment properly, removing photos and personal items Everything should in order and no light wires, etc. should be seen. It is advisable to decorate the bedroom with some plants and books, but always keeping the image that it is a space where the buyer will feel comfortable and decorate it according to their tastes.

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If we have rooms that are used as an office or for storing things, we should consider removing them completely for the photo shoot. It is not advisable to show a room full of junk, because it gives the feeling that the house is small and there is no place to store things. It’s much better to spend some time taking things out of the room so we can take good pictures, than to show messy places that won’t do you any good.

The rest of your home:
The above tips apply to the rest of the house including terraces or garages. Before our photographer comes to your home, you need to make sure that all the lights and lamps are working or that the blinds can be closed or opened properly because he will surelly use them at some point. And of course, very clean window glasses give that extra quality you need for your photos.

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