Asset Administration

Since 1964, we administrate private assets and communities.



We handle the accounting of your community with rigor and transparency. An Administrator must generate trust.


Computerized management of incidents that occur. Timely information to the President.


.We keep the keys and all the documentation of your community in total security.


We prepare the annual budget of expenses and manage the budgets for the works and repairs you will do during the year

Meeting room

We have an air-conditioned meeting room with projector with capacity for 30 people


.All the correspondence of the community is prepared in 2 languages, to be chosen by the client: Catalan or Spanish

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What do we do?

We provide all our clients with an agile and quality service, acting with the transparency, rigor and seriousness they deserve, providing value-added services such as Lawyers, Tax and Labor Advisors for all situations that require it.

The mastery of several languages of our employees, makes the relationship with customers from other countries always easier and faster.

We provide an external service of the highest quality through local companies or prestigious regional offices that take care of the repairs or maintenance of the buildings.

Our Insurance Broker makes sure that our customers have the best possible coverage at the best price.



We draw up the relevant rental contracts under the supervision of our lawyers


Computerized management of incidents that occur. Timely information to the President.


.We keep the keys and all the documentation of your property in total security.

On behalf

We act on behalf of the owner in front of third parties and we solve any inconvenient that can occur.


We know the rental market like no one else. We get the biggest return possible.


Our rental staff speaks 4 languages to be able to relate to any tenant.

Do you know what we can do for you and your property?

Fill out this form and we will tell you how we’ll sell your flat. You will be amazed at what we will tell you!


Bonaire 3 bxs,
93 894 3504 / 93 894 4851

08870 Sitges, Barcelona



Sales dept.:
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday

9 to 2.30 / 5 to 8

Saturdays 9.00 to 15.00

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