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Rental Management Service Pack


We offer you our experience of over 40 years in the management of rental management.
First of all, we find you the most suitable tenant for your property. Only you know how much time you can save up dealing with telephone calls with your tenant, specially if there is a language issue.  We prepare the lease, entering the deposit at  Incasol and we take care of whatever you need to guarantee your tranquility in the process of renting your property. Do not worry, leave it to us. In good hands. Our full  rentals management service is designed to give you all the peace and take away all the worries that entails being a full-time owner, which is why we deal with so many properties in Sitges and San Pedro de Ribes.

Today, tenants prefer to rent a property managed by a professional. At this time, tenants increasingly request managed properties, allowing them to enjoy a property with the benefit of being managed by an expert and eliminate possible conflicts between them and the owner. Our team is fully qualified and have extensive experience in solving problems with tenants, while these problems are resolved favorably for the interests of our clients / owners. Our  Management Rentals Service includes rent collection, maintenance management of the property, quarterly VAT returns over the leased premises, supervising repairs and assistance with more complex questions and direct contact with both owners as with tenants. We have lawyers specializing in real estate law, which resolve the legal issues that affect our clients totally satisfactory.

Issuing  of rental bills,
Calculation and application of increases in rents: IBI works, driveways, homeowners, etc.
Payments on behalf of the owner to plumbers, carpenters, communities, the various government bodies.
Incident processing with the tenant: coordinating both the location of the fault, as the repair and the corresponding processing with insurance companies.
Payment and delivery of settlement in the manner and frequency chosen by the owner.
Processing of complete liquidation of the deposit at the time the tenant leaves.
Visit the property and check the state in which it is received, repair management, management of meter readings and settlement with tenants, if applicable. Procedure before the ICS both the initial deposit at the time of signing the contract, such as the recovery of these amounts at the time of completion.
Taxation: VAT manage for business owners who are taxpayers. Preparing annual certificates for each owner in order to facilitate the income statement.



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Legal Consultants

Lawyers specializing in different legal contexts, will advise you and  resolve your legal issues. Buying  property? We're your 1rst option.

Labour Consultants

We specialize in Labour Consultancy. Our specialists will seek the best solution for your company's labor issues

Accounting Consultants

Let our Economists and Accountants take care of your business accounting. We care of everything.

Tax Consultants

We are Tax Advisors since 1964. Hundreds of companies from Sitges and the region enjoy our services. Ask for a free quotation.



Farreras - Consultants

serviciosWe manage solutions. We know our business.

Since 1964 providing solutions to businesses of Sitges and Ribes. Specialists in various fields will help you maximize your business by providing real solutions to your tax needs and labor laws.
Our consultancy is formed by lawyers specializing in tax law, commercial, Real Estate, labor and administrative. We also put at your disposal, and experts in labor relations for all those  matters required for a proper management of your company.

In our offices or Sitges and Ribes, our staff will properly attend  your legal and administrative matters that you need to manage  your business.